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Individual Record for: Charles Biggs (male)

    Thomas Biggs+
  Charles Biggs      Family Record
Charles Biggs      Family Record Sarah Day+
  Jane Smith       

Spouse Children
Amelia Dorothy Elizabeth Clark
  (Family Record)
Amelia Alice Biggs
Edith Elizabeth Biggs
Emma Jane Hawes
  (Family Record)
Mabel Olga Biggs
Yolanda Cyrena Fantasia Margarita Biggs
Ivy May Biggs

Event Date Details
Birth 30 MAY 1850 Place: Islington, London Source: Birth certificate
Census 1851 Place: Islington, London Source: HO107/1500/635/22
Census 1861 Place: Islington, London Source: RG9/134/31/11
Census 1871 Place: Marylebone, London Source: RG10/163/23/39
Census 1881 Place: Clapham, London Source: RG11/631/124/17
Census 1891 Place: Camberwell, London Source: RG12/464/12/55
Census 1901 Place: Brixton, London Source: RG13/420/8/8
Census 1911 Place: Camberwell, London Source: 1911 Census form
Death NOV 1918 Place: Lambeth, London Source: England and Wales Death Index:Lambeth (1918), Q4, 1d, 889

Attribute Details Date
Residence 1 Henry Place, Liverpool Road, Holloway, London Source: Birth Certificate 1850
Residence 22 Upper Victoria Road, Finsbury, London Source: 1851 Census: HO107/1500/635/22 1851
Residence 4 Upper Victoria Road, Finsbury, London Source: 1861 Census: RG9/134/31/11 1861
Residence 8 Henrietta Place, Marylebone, London Source: 1871 Census: RG10/163/23/39 1871
Residence High Street, Borough, London Source: Marriage certificate 1876
Residence 9 Hanover Square, Kennington, London Source: Amelia Alice's Birth certificate 1878
Residence The Hope Public House, 21 Nursery Street, Clapham, London Source: 1881 Census: RG11/631/124/17 1881
Residence 4 Elmington Road, Camberwell, London Source: 1891 Census: RG12/464/12/55 1891
Residence 73 Lothian Road, Brixton, London Source: 1901 census: RG13/420/8/8RG13/420/8/8 1901
Residence 14 Treherne Road, Brixton, London Source: Ivy's birth certifcate 1904
Residence 6e, Peabody Buildings, Herne Hill, London Source: 1911 census form 1911
Residence 17 Brailsford Road, Brixton, London Source: Postcard send to Emma 1 JUL 1912
Occupation Stableman 1871
Occupation Beer Retailer 1881
Occupation Cab Driver 1878
Occupation Cab Proprietor 1891
Occupation Cab Proprietor 1901
Occupation Cab Driver (Horse) 1911
Charles Biggs

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