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Individual Record for: Ambrose William Burrowes (male)

  Ambrose Burrowes       
Ambrose William Burrowes      Family Record  
  Mary Ann Gillard       

Spouse Children
Mary Ann Riley
  (Family Record)
Frederick William Burrowes
Ambrose Charles Burrowes
Mary Anne Burrowes
Jessie Burrowes
George Riley Burrowes
Lilian Elizabeth Burrowes

Event Date Details
Birth 1838 Place: Old Ford, London
Census 1861 Place: Southwark, London Source: RG9/332/21/37
Census 1871 Place: Southwark, London Source: RG10/607/8/9
Census 1881 Place: Southwark, London Source: RG11/529/100/38
Census 1891 Place: Newington, London Source: RG12/367/118/41
Death 23 OCT 1893 Place: St Thomas's Hospital, Lambeth, London Source: Death Certificate: Lambeth (1893) Q4:1d:259

Attribute Details Date
Residence 4 Earl Street, St George Southwark, London Source: RG9/332/21/37 1861
Residence 6 Temple Street, Southwark, London Source: 1871 Census: RG10/607/8/9 1871
Residence 6 Temple Street, Southwark, London Source: 1881 Census: RG11/529/100/38 1881
Residence 23 Charles St, Newlngton, London Source: 1991 census: RG12/367/118/41 1891
Residence 55 Lambeth Road, Lambeth, London Source: Death ceritifcate 1893
Occupation Whitesmith 1861
Occupation Whitesmith 1871
Occupation White Metal Worker 1881
Occupation Whitesmith 1891
Occupation Whitesmith (journeyman) 1893
1841 Census: HO107/709/29/13 is an Ambrose Burrowes b 1836 living in Shoreditch, father is also Ambrose working as a Green Grocer from Ireland ? This is a red herring I think

1851 census: HO107/1511/69/26 has an Ambrose Burrowes living with his uncle Richard Burrowes who is a Smith, living in Covent Garden. This would agree with the death of an Ambrose Burrowes presumably his father in 1850. Ambrose is described as an Errand Boy.

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Record last updated: 22 MAR 2009