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Individual Record for: Laura May Johnson (female)

    Thomas Johnson+
  William Francis Johnson      Family Record
Laura May Johnson      Family Record Eliza Ann Dyson+
Alfred Fowler+
  Fanny Mary Fowler      Family Record
    Ester Ford+

Spouse Children
Harry I Owen
  (Family Record)

Event Date Details
Birth MAR 1895 Place: Lambeth, London Source: England and Wales Birth Register Lambeth March 1895: 1d: 535

Attribute Details Date
Residence 59 Hubert Street, Stockwell, London Source: 1901 census: RG13/426/8/8 1901
Residence 11 Hilda Road, Brixton, London Source: RG14PN2062 RG78PN72 RD25 SD4 ED13 SN55 1911
in 1911 she is living in the house with Jane Wright (Nee Fowler) her aunt on her mother's side.

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Record last updated: 27 MAY 2009