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Individual Record for: Alfred Stephen Johnson (male)

    William Jessey Johnson
  Richard Johnson      Family Record
Alfred Stephen Johnson      Family Record Mary Ann Taylor+
  Elizabeth Ann Mary Mundy       

Event Date Details
Birth JUN 1863 Place: Newington, Camberwell, London Source: England and Wales Birth Register: Newington June 1863: 1d:210

Attribute Details Date
Residence 155 New Church Road, Camberwell, London 1871
Residence 6 Buckeridge St, Mile End, London 1881
Residence 81 ? Street, Bethnal Green, London Source: RG12/264/130/27 1891
Occupation Printer 1881
Occupation Music Hall Artist 1891
In 1891 (see census record RG12/264/130/27), William SUDER was living at the same address who was also a Music Hall Artist

Possibly married see
Camberwell (1892) Q1: 1d: 967

to either
Hedwig Faber
Frances Ann Guyton
Annie Jane Palmer

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Record last updated: 27 MAY 2009