The Johnson and Biggs Family Trees

Jon's paternal grandmother's side were the Biggs. Originally from the Hertfordshire area and moved to London in the mid 1800's. Firstly as carters and ostlers then as horse cab drivers and eventually as motor cab drivers, settling initially in Islington and then moving to South London mostly in Camberwell and Brixton.

The Johnson's originally from Crawley in Sussex moved to London again probably in the first half of the 1800's. They had a more diverse range of occupations and settled mostly in the Stockwell, Clapham area.

Both great-grandfathers died before their partners and the family were it seems dominated by the great-grandmothers Emma Biggs (nee Hawes) and Fanny Johnson (nee Fowler).

Thanks to Jon's dad for a very detailed sketch of the Johnson's and Bigg's which got me started.
--Betty (Johnson) for leads and background on the Johnsons.
--Sid Matthews for not only filling in gaps and snippets to be followed up but also the dozen's of photos, especially those of the Biggs
--and finally Patricia Matthews and Suzanne Stanbridge for info on the Fords in Kent/Sussex