Individual Record for: Walter James Heiden

Personal and Family Information

Walter James Heiden was born SEP 1890 in Cocanada, India. He died in USA. He was the son of Edward Harold Heiden and Mary Jane Nisbet.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Walter James Heiden


Edward Harold Heiden


Edward James Heiden


Peter John Heiden




Ann Amelia Conwell


David Edward E Conwell


Elizabeth O'Hara


Mary Jane Nisbet



United States 1920 Census has a Walter J Heiden, residence: , Spokane, Washington, estimated birth year: 1893. Birthplace: India

Curiously he has down, father's birthplace: Wales, mother's birthplace: Scotland

This is possibly his understanding rather than an accurate reflection of the actual birth places of his parents. 

Walter J Heiden M 27y

Davina Heiden F 21y

Edward J Heiden M 2y11m

Eva Edna Heiden F 1y7m