Individual Record for: Richard Matthew Ramsay

Personal and Family Information

Richard Matthew Ramsay was born ABT 1770. He died 1819.

Richard Matthew Ramsay's wife was Mary Skardon. They had no known children.


Title : Fatehgarh Camp 1777 -1857

Author C L Wallace MC ICS Magistrate and Collector Farrukhabad

Printed Lucknow 1834

1. It  confirms that Captain Richard Ramsay who erected the Tomb Stone for Samuel Skardon is the deserter from Bitaurah who was later arrested in scotland in 1796

2. It confirms that Mary Skardon the daughter born 1770 was the wife of Captain Richard Ramsey the deserter

3. it confirms that Richard Ramsay and Thomas Wharton were brother in laws- and Warton was 2nd in command  to Ramsay at Bitaurah both were 2nd Cavalry.

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"Captain Ramsay left the field and the country, without waiting for an inquiry, so the cause of his blunder be never publicly known"