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Personal and Family Information

William Lawrence "Larry" O'Hara was born SEP 1916 in Madras, India. He died SEP 1985 in Croydon, Surrey, England. He was the son of William (Lawrence) Anthony Patrick O'Hara and Mary Hilda Stuart.

William Lawrence "Larry" O'Hara's wife was Sybil Marie Woolaston. They were married DEC 1939 in Maymyo, Burma. Their 2 known children were Hilary Audrey O'Hara and Lawrence Anthony O'Hara.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


William Lawrence "Larry" O'Hara


William (Lawrence) Anthony Patrick O'Hara


John William Lawrence O'Hara


John Lawrence O'Hara




Cecelia Mary Monk


Joseph Monk


Isabella Elizabeth Ross


Mary Hilda Stuart


William Percival Theophilus Stuart


Richard Percival Stuart


Margaret Eliza Herft


Mary Agnes Brass


John Basil Brass


Cecilia DeCastro


Other Life Events

OccupationWorked in the Silver and Lead Bawdwin Mines prior to and after WW2


Called up during World War 2 and served in the artillery as a gunner. Was captured by the Jap anese at the end of WW2 & was fortunate to be released as the Japanese were losing . Weapon's were confiscated and had to do the trek to Calcutta through the Jungle - took about 3-4 mo nths over half the accompaning released servicemen died on the trek due to malaria, black fever, dysentry , typhoid . He got dysentry & malaria. Arrived in Calcutta weighing about 6 stone. Resumed his job in mining -- tin mining at Namtu Burma 1939 to 1952- gold mining at Kolar Gold Fields India 1952 to 1961 also did a brief spell at mines in Zarwar India . Emigrated to UK in1961 - worked as a railway guard retired 2 years early due to ill health and died due to silicosis, emphysema caused by the dust breathed in from his years from working underground . Although his death certificate lists heart failure . Never did get his Military medals like a lot of the troops that served in Burma .

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