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Personal and Family Information

Patrick Lawrence William O'Hara was born NOV 1922 in Madras, India. He died DEC 1983 in Bromley, Kent, England. He was the son of William (Lawrence) Anthony Patrick O'Hara and Mary Hilda Stuart.

Patrick Lawrence William O'Hara had 2 marriages/partners. His 1st wife was Alice Lucie 'Elsie' Mahon. They were married OCT 1942 in St Francis Xavier, Pallavarum, India. Their 4 known children were Patrick J O'Hara, Maurice Peter O'Hara, Dennis O'Hara and Connel O'Hara.

His 2nd wife was Maizey T Jansz. They were married JUN 1973 in Bromley, Kent. They had no known children.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Patrick Lawrence William O'Hara


William (Lawrence) Anthony Patrick O'Hara


John William Lawrence O'Hara


John Lawrence O'Hara




Cecelia Mary Monk


Joseph Monk


Isabella Elizabeth Ross


Mary Hilda Stuart


William Percival Theophilus Stuart


Richard Percival Stuart


Margaret Eliza Herft


Mary Agnes Brass


John Basil Brass


Cecilia DeCastro



Immigration5 DEC 1954Colombo. Sri Lanka32 Wadden Road, Croydon, SurreyChusan

Other Life Events

Occupation1954Colombo, CeylonMiner


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Tambaram, Ma...