Individual Record for: Priscilla Goulding

Personal and Family Information

Priscilla Goulding was born JUL 1955 in Singapore. She was the daughter of Matthew David Goulding and Colleen O'Hara.

Priscilla Goulding's husband is not known. They had no known children.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Priscilla Goulding


Matthew David Goulding


William Chesterfield Goulding


William Robert Golden




Romina Angelina D'Silva


Lazarus Michael D'Silva


Mary Lanra


Colleen O'Hara


William (Lawrence) Anthony Patrick O'Hara


John William Lawrence O'Hara


Cecelia Mary Monk


Mary Hilda Stuart


William Percival Theophilus Stuart


Mary Agnes Brass