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John Basil Brass was born 1832 in Madras, India. He died MAR 1888 in Madras, India. He was the son of Thomas Brass and Anne.

John Basil Brass's wife was Cecilia DeCastro. They were married OCT 1857 in Madras, India. Their 4 known children were John Brass, Mary Agnes Brass, Maude Theresa Brass and Frances Evelina Brass.

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John Basil Brass


Thomas Brass




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In the Madras Almanac (1862), there is a Brass & Co. (Boot and Shoemakers) in Parcherry, Madras

The London Gazette, January 26, 1866

"... by John Brass, an inhabitant of Madras, residing at No 25, in Portuguese Church-street, at Parcherry, in the Black Town of Madras, and employed as a Clerk in the shop of Messrs.Oakes and Company."