Individual Record for: Richard Percival Stuart

Personal and Family Information

Richard Percival Stuart was born OCT 1833 in Madras, India. He died OCT 1911 in Madras, India. He was the son of William Percival Stuart and Fanny Hamilton.

Richard Percival Stuart's wife was Margaret Eliza Herft. They were married OCT 1854 in Black Town, Madras, India. Their 8 known children were William Percival Theophilus Stuart, Fanny Margaret Evangelina Stuart, James Hamilton Stuart, Richard Alexander Stuart, Ignatuis Daniel Stuart, Archibald Campbell Stuart, Anne Elizabeth Stuart and Francis Thaddius Stuart.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Richard Percival Stuart


William Percival Stuart


William Norman Stuart


Margaret Bruscow


Fanny Hamilton


Joseph Hamilton


Anne Charlotte Perriman



Baptism14 MAY 1835Madras Catholic Cathedral, Madras, India

Other Life Events

Occupation1882Madras, IndiaInspector, Town Police Court, Madras Town Police
Occupation1867Madras, IndiaInspector of Carriage Licenses
Occupation1859Madras, IndiaGuard on Indian Railway