Individual Record for: Anne Elizabeth Constance Stuart

Personal and Family Information

Anne Elizabeth Constance Stuart was born FEB 1881 in Madras, India. She died, but date and place are unknown. She was the daughter of William Percival Theophilus Stuart and Mary Agnes Brass.

Anne Elizabeth Constance Stuart's husband was Gilbert Victor Lorne Sinclair. They were married MAY 1897 in Gudalur, Madras, India. Their 2 known children were Oswald Gilbert Stuart Sinclair and Cyril Dennis Sinclair.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Anne Elizabeth Constance Stuart


William Percival Theophilus Stuart


Richard Percival Stuart


William Percival Stuart


Fanny Hamilton


Margaret Eliza Herft


Alexander Herft


Susannah Herft


Mary Agnes Brass


John Basil Brass


Thomas Brass




Cecilia DeCastro


Simon Thomas Campo DeCastro


Georgina DeCastro



Baptism20 MAR 1881Emmanuel Church, Black Town, Madras, India