Individual Record for: Thomas Brass

Personal and Family Information

Thomas Brass was born 1805. He died AFT 1862 in Madras, India.

Thomas Brass's wife was Anne. They were married ABT 1828. Their known child was John Basil Brass.


Residence1842Madras, IndiaVepery

Other Life Events

Occupation1842Madras, IndiaClerk, Regr Supreme Court Office
Occupation1858Madras, IndiaTrustee, Madras Mutual Benefit Fund
Occupation1859Madras, IndiaSecretary and Treasurer. Madras Mutual Benefit Fund
Occupation1862Madras, IndiaInterpreter in Portugese, Madras Judicial Establishment


Entry from Departures from Madras Almanac 1848 - 1850

Jun 13 1849    

Name of Ship  Sumner    

Captain  T. Wilkinson    

Title or Rank  Mr. Thomas Brass    

Origin  Madras    

Destination London    

Source  Madras Almanac Edition 1850

He is refered to in a list of donors in 1862