Individual Record for: Eugene Joseph Demeder

Personal and Family Information

Eugene Joseph Demeder was born MAY 1834 in Madras, India. He died OCT 1886 in Vepery, Madras, India. He was the son of Benjamin Demeder and an unknown mother.

Eugene Joseph Demeder's wife was Ellen Matilda Gregory. They were married SEP 1861 in Madras, India. Their 3 known children were Alice Matilda Demeder, Cecelia Anne Demeder and Henry Benjamin (Harry) Demeder.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Eugene Joseph Demeder


Benjamin Demeder



Residence1868Nilgherry Hills, IndiaNilgherry Hills, India

Other Life Events

Occupation1883Madras, IndiaManager, Madras Jail Department
Occupation1868Madras, IndiaManager, Office of Inspector General of Prisons
Occupation1861Assistant in Accountant General's Office