Individual Record for: Mary Woodson

Personal and Family Information

Mary Woodson was born JAN 1753 in Queens Square, London, England. She died SEP 1821 in Holborn, London.

Mary Woodson had 3 marriages/partners. Her 1st husband was Samuel Skardon. They were married NOV 1768 in Telicherry, Bombay, India. Their 4 known children were Mary Skardon, Sarah Paulina Skardon, Charlotte Skardon and Charles Ramsay Skardon.

Her 2nd husband was John Lowis. They were married JUL 1790 in Fort William, Calcutta, India. Their 2 known children were Elizabeth Lowis and John Thornton Lowis.

Her 3rd husband was Lawrence O'Hara. They were married FEB 1794 in St John's Anglican Church, Calcutta, India. They had no known children.


Marriage to John Lowis, states than she was a widow.

Birth and Death entries are unverified from, from Pat Hefner's family tree