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Personal and Family Information

Geraldine Mary O'Hara was born OCT 1930 in Rangoon, Burma. She was the daughter of William (Lawrence) Anthony Patrick O'Hara and Mary Hilda Stuart.

Geraldine Mary O'Hara had 2 marriages/partners. Her 1st husband was James Frederick Vane. They were married JUN 1948 in Church of Lady of Fatima, Tambarum, Madras, India. Their 3 known children were Bernadette Vane, Geoffrey Vane and Christopher Patrick Vane.

Her 2nd husband was Ronald Cyril Johnson. They were married 1965. Their 2 known children were Jonathan David Johnson and Joanna Kate Johnson.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Geraldine Mary O'Hara


William (Lawrence) Anthony Patrick O'Hara


John William Lawrence O'Hara


John Lawrence O'Hara




Cecelia Mary Monk


Joseph Monk


Isabella Elizabeth Ross


Mary Hilda Stuart


William Percival Theophilus Stuart


Richard Percival Stuart


Margaret Eliza Herft


Mary Agnes Brass


John Basil Brass


Cecilia DeCastro



Immigration27 AUG 1954Colombo, Ceylon32 Wadden Road, CroydonAboard the Otranto


Geraldine, Fred, Bernadette and Geoffrey arrived from Colombo at Tilbury on the Otranto on 27 August 1954. There destination address was 32 Wadden Road, Croydon, Surrey. They travelled Tourist Class (Source: PRO/BT26/1316/5418)

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