Individual Record for: Elizabeth Rebecca O'Hara

Personal and Family Information

Elizabeth Rebecca O'Hara was born APR 1845 in Kamptee, India. She died APR 1918 in Bangalore, India. She was the daughter of George O'Hara and Elizabeth Harper.

Elizabeth Rebecca O'Hara's husband was Frederick John Dawes. They were married MAY 1864 in Black Town Church, Madras, India. Their 12 known children were Beatrice Marie Dawes, Reginald Percival Dawes, Ethel or Edith Mabel Dawes, Edmund Herbert Dawes, Florence Elizabeth Ethel Dawes, William Cecil Dawes, Sydney O'Hara Dawes, Arthur Melville Dawes, Frederick Leopold Dawes, Percy Edward Dawes, Frank Mervyn Dawes and George Ernest Dawes.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Elizabeth Rebecca O'Hara


George O'Hara


Lawrence O'Hara




Elizabeth Harper


Richard Harper


Elizabeth Rebecca Huntley



Baptism21 MAY 1845Kamptee, India


Witnesses at the baptism were:

Richard Harper, CJ Theobald and E O'Hara