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Personal and Family Information

Samuel Richard Dawes was born SEP 1828 in Madras, India. He died JUN 1877 in Cochin, India. He was the son of Frederick James Dawes and Marion Mason.

Samuel Richard Dawes had 2 marriages/partners. His 1st wife was Beatrice Dorothy Lafond. They were married MAY 1852 in Vepery Church, Madras, India. Their 4 known children were William Kennard Dawes, Florence Louisa Dawes, Frederick George Samuel Dawes and Arthur Richard Dawes.

His 2nd wife was Grace Elizabeth King. They were married, but date and place are unknown. Their known child was Anne Eveline Dawes.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Samuel Richard Dawes


Frederick James Dawes


Marion Mason



Baptism21 DEC 1828Vepery Church, Madras, India

Other Life Events

Occupation1854Madras, IndiaWriter
Occupation1854Madras, IndiaExaminer, Law Courts

Notes has a fascinating account of the Pitt Macdonald Lodge of which Samuel was a member.

THE WARRANT OF CONSTITUTION Prescribed (inter alia)

Zetland G.M.

To all and every our Right Worshipful, Worshipful, and Loving Brethren

We Thomas Dundas Earl of Zetland Baron Dundas of Aske in the County of York, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotolorum of the North Riding of Yorkshire, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Etc. Etc. Etc.


Of the Most Ancient and Honerable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of England SEND GREETING.

Know Ye that we by the authority and under the sanction of theUnited Grand Lodge of England vested in us for that purpose and at the humble Petition of out Right Trusty and Well Beloved Brethren Walter Field Hooper, Samuel Richard Dawes, James Mcleod miller, William Mason Scharlieb, John Miller, Walter Joyes, Charles Scott and others, DO HEREBY CONSTITUTE the said Brethren into a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons under the title or Denomination of THE PITT MACDONALD LODGE No.1198.

The said Lodge to meet at Madras in the East Indices on the second Tuesday of every month empowering them in the said Lodge when duly congregated to make pass and raise Free Masons according to the Ancient Custom of the Craft in all Ages and Nations throughout the known World. And further Etc. Etc. Etc.

Given under our Hands and the Seal of the Grand Lodge at London on this 25th October A.L.5867 A.D. 1867.

BY COMMAND of the M.W. Grand Master,

De Grey and Ripon, D.G.M.

The Pitt Macdonald Lodge was formally opened under a Provisional Warrant from the District Grand Master on Tuesday the 10th September, 1867, the District Grand Master, R. W. Bro. Macdonald Ritchie and a large number of District Grand Lodge officers being present.

The ceremony of reading the Provisional Warrant over, Bro. W. F. Hooper, who was then Junior Warden of the Lodge of Perfect Unanimity No. 150, was installed as Worshipful Master and appointed his Officers, among whom were two Indian Brethren. No further Indians were admitted until 1875. Today it comprises Brethren of many nationalities and religions.

The Lodge was named out of respect for the memory of Col. William Pitt Macdonald who was the last Provincial Grand Master and the first District Grand Master (1858 -1867), and who had then recently died at Ootacamund. To his endeavours the high position enjoyed by Masonry in this Presidency is largely due. The second Tuesday in the month was selected as the day of meeting as that was the day upon which the Colonel's death occurred. Except for the months of February and August (due to DGL Meetings), the day has remained unchanged for over one hundred and twenty four years.

de Grey Ripon, Deputy Grand Master, signed the Warrant of the Lodge in London on the25th of October 1867. The Consecration and Dedication of the Lodge took place on the 4th February 1868. R. W. Bro. A. Macdonald Ritchie, District Grand Master, presided and delivered an eloquent oration on the Nature and Design of Freemasonry on that occasion.

Since the beginning, the Lodge has enjoyed a successful career. It is interesting to recall that one of the earliest questions that arose between the Lodge and District Grand Lodge was with reference to the legality of a By-law which made contribution to the Madras Masonic Charities compulsory. The tradition of generosity towards Masonic Charities thus begun has continued down to the present day and the Lodge is proud of its record in this respect.

R. W. Bro. John Miller, a founder member of the Lodge, was appointed Deputy District Grand Master in 1871.

W. Bro. J.T. Greatorex, Master in 1881, served as District Grand Secretary for 33 years.

The renowned barrister, W. Bro. Eardley Norton, Master in 1904 and 1905, by his dynamic personality and great popularity attracted many to the Lodge. It was only during his time the membership crossed the 100 mark and reached a masonic high of 32 initiations during the year.

W. Bro. Sir Alexander Macdougall, Master in 1922 and 1935 served as President of the District Board of General Purposes for many years and it was during his tenure of office that the Freemasons' Hall was completed and dedicated. His generosities to Masonic Charities were many (Rs. 7000 in 1943) and his name is perpetuated as the donor of the furniture in the small Temple.

R. W. Bro. T. V. Muthukrishna Aiyer, the first Indian National to hold Office as District Grand Master, was for many years an Hon. Member of Lodge Pitt Macdonald and became a full member in 1961, continuing until his death in October 1966.

The Lodge celebrated its Golden Jubilee on the 11th September, 1917, when many officers of the District Grand Lodge attended the meeting and banquet. A further celebration took place for the Diamond Jubilee in 1927. In April 1961, the Lodge voted unanimously to remain with the United Grand Lodge of England. The Centenary was celebrated in 1967 in a grand manner, the District Grand Master R. W. Bro. Lt. Col. G. S. Gill and a large number of visitors attending. The Pitt Macdonald Lodge also celebrated its 1500th Meeting and its One Hundred and Twenty Fifth Anniversary in 1992 in a very befitting manner.