Individual Record for: William Cecil Dawes

Personal and Family Information

William Cecil Dawes was born DEC 1876 in Bangalore, India. He died 1914. He was the son of Frederick John Dawes and Elizabeth Rebecca O'Hara.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


William Cecil Dawes


Frederick John Dawes


Frederick James Dawes


Marion Mason


Elizabeth Rebecca O'Hara


George O'Hara


Lawrence O'Hara




Elizabeth Harper


Richard Harper


Elizabeth Rebecca Huntley



Baptism4 JAN 1877Trinity Church, Bangalore

Other Life Events

Occupation1907Madras, IndiaSub Inspector of Police



DAWES, William C. Madras 1850-1930. My grandfather William C Dawes died 1914. 1906-08 he was the sub inspector of police at Royapattah and Pudukum, Madras. His son and my father Cecil L Dawes was born and baptised in 1906 Madras. Whereabouts of his brother Anthony George Ohara born 15 december 1909, Edmund William Dawes born 5th November 1908 along with Isabel Beatrice born 25 th july 1907 would be extremely interesting