Individual Record for: Joseph Archer Aldred

Personal and Family Information

Joseph Archer Aldred was born 1839 in Yorkshire, England. He died NOV 1907 in Tasmania, Australia.

Joseph Archer Aldred's wife was Lucy Elizabeth Conwell. They were married JUL 1864 in Ellore, India. Their 16 known children were George Edwin Joseph, Joseph Allan Aldred, Constance Ann Aldred, Elizabeth Annie Ada Aldred, William Henry Aldred, David Wheatley Aldred, Edward Frederick Joseph Aldred, Connell Joseph Aldred, William Edgar Aldred, Charlotte Amelia Aldred, May Eva Aldred, Charles Edward Aldred, Lucy Ethel Conwell Aldred, Gordon Montague Aldred, William Henry Conwell Aldred and Ernest Alexander Aldred.


Burial1907Bangor Anglican Cemetery, Tasmania, Australia

Other Life Events

Occupation1864Ellore, IndiaInspector of Police


Joseph Archer Aldred emigrated Hyderabad <1900 to Tasmania via NZ.