Individual Record for: George Richard Harper O'Hara

Personal and Family Information

George Richard Harper O'Hara was born FEB 1850 in Madras, India. He died FEB 1910 in Tottenham, England. He was the son of George O'Hara and Elizabeth Harper.

George Richard Harper O'Hara had 2 marriages/partners. His 1st wife was Stella Sophia Martin. They were married SEP 1871 in Allepey, India. Their 3 known children were Stella Mabel O'Hara, Beatrice Sophia O'Hara and George Melville O'Hara.

His 2nd wife was Constance Mabel Percy. They were married APR 1892 in St Andrews Church, Bangalore, India. Their 2 known children were Dennis George Fitzmaurice O'Hara and Beryl Eliza Frances O'Hara.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


George Richard Harper O'Hara


George O'Hara


Lawrence O'Hara




Elizabeth Harper


Richard Harper


Elizabeth Rebecca Huntley



Baptism14 APR 1850Madras, India
Residence1872Allepey, IndiaAllepey, India
Residence1902Mazagon, Bombay, IndiaMazagon, Bombay, India
Residence1910Tottenham, London, England102 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London

Other Life Events

Occupation1876Toungoo, BurmaInspector of Telegraphs
Occupation1892Bangalore, IndiaSub Assistant Superintendent, Govt Telegraph Office
Occupation1903Bombay, IndiaSuperintendant, Telegraph Office


List of Confirmed Candidates at Trinity Church, Bangalore -1891 includes both George and his wife Sophia