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Personal and Family Information

William O'Hara was born JAN 1852 in Saugor, India. He died AUG 1926 in Boscombe, Hampshire, England. He was the son of George O'Hara and Elizabeth Harper.

William O'Hara's wife was Marion Sybil Carr. They were married JUN 1899 in Palamcottah, India. Their 3 known children were Dorothy Elizabeth O'Hara, Terence William O'Hara and Eveline Meimmine Sybil O'Hara.

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William O'Hara


George O'Hara


Lawrence O'Hara




Elizabeth Harper


Richard Harper


Elizabeth Rebecca Huntley



Baptism26 SEP 1852Saugor, India
Residence1874Edinburgh, Scotland16 Montgomery St, Edinburgh, Scotland
Assistant Surgeon, Indian Medical Service30 SEP 1874Madras, India
Joined IMS18 APR 1875Madras, India
SM30 SEP 1886Madras, India
Lieutenant Colonel30 SEP 1894Madras, India
S LIst12 DEC 1900Madras, India
Colonel28 MAY 1906Madras, India
Retired7 JUN 1911Madras, India

Other Life Events

Education1870Madras, IndiaMadras Medical College
Education1874Edinburgh, ScotlandUniversity of Edinburgh
Occupation1894Madras, IndiaSurgeon
Occupation1904Ootacamond, IndiaInspector of Prisons


He attended the Madras Medical College from 1870 to 1873. The Annual Report of the Madras Medical College Session 1872-73, also throws some light on his college life, Only a preview is available on Google Books though, so a hard copy has to be found somewhere!

The Report on Public Instruction in the Madras Presidency By E. Keys, published in 1876 mentions:

p27. Two students went to England in the course of the year, one Mr O'Hara, to compete for a commission, in which he was successful, and the other, Mr Pope, to complete his medical examination.

p xii Mr O'Hara is a young man of industry and intelligence. Eminently successful as a prizeman and fond of his profession, .... continues, but limited preview in Google books again!

He went to Edinburgh, for a year to obtain his surgeon's licence and licence from the Medical College of Physicians and from the Medical College of Surgeons in Edinburgh on 24 and 25th July 1874 respectively. He applied for the Indian Medical Service and came 4th in the 1874 competition and was sent to Madras arriving on 18 April 1875. (Assistant-Surgeons' Papers (Board of Examiners), IOR/L/MIL/9/403)

His military careeer is summarised

Lieut Co Indian Med Service inspr gen of prisons Madras the service 30th Sept 1874 arrived 18th April 1875 and served in Madras under the military dept and as civil surgeon and jail supt at various stations; district medical and sanitary officer Trichinopoly May 1805 inspector general of prisons November 1899 to May 1906, when he reverted to military employment and retired June 1911.

(The India List and India Office List India Office, Great Britain)

The Medical Record by George Frederick Shrady, Thomas Lathrop Stedman - Medicine - 1890 Page 328 Some time ago Surgeon-Major O'Hara, after conducting a series of experiments, latter being the first to take the degree of MB at the Madras University

(A copy is available in the Wellcome Library)

see also:

Lt-Col W O'Hara; facilities for visiting English prisons - ref. IOR/L/PJ/6/ 639, File 1307 - date: 8 Jul 1903

His obituary appeared in the British Medical Journal:

Colonel William O'Hara, Madras Medical Service (ret.), died at Boscombe, Hants, on August 6th. He was born at Saugon, on January 30th, 1852, the son of George O'Hara, I.M.D)., and educated at the Madras Medical

College. After taking the L.R.C.P. and S.F. in 1874, entered the I.M.S. as surgeon in September, 1874, attained the rank of colonel in May 1906, and retired in June, 1911. His younger brother, Lieut.Colonel A. J.

O'Hara, also of the Madras Medical Service, retired in 1902, and died in 1915.