Individual Record for: Millicent Mary Mawson

Personal and Family Information

Millicent Mary Mawson was born DEC 1885 in Simla, India. She died 1981 in Southampton, Hampshire, England. She was the daughter of William Proctor Mawson and Mary Simpson Carey.

Millicent Mary Mawson's husband was Clarence Havelock O'Hara. They were married ABT 1909. Their 6 known children were Constance Mawson O'Hara, Moira Merle O'Hara, Richard Lawrence 'Laurie' O'Hara, Shiela Mary Carey O'Hara, Doreen Edith O'Hara and Alan Clarence O'Hara.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Millicent Mary Mawson


William Proctor Mawson


Mary Simpson Carey



Baptism30 OCT 1886Simla, India