Individual Record for: Helen Mary Edwards

Personal and Family Information

Helen Mary Edwards was born JAN 1901 in Rangoon, Burma. She died DEC 1977 in Enfield, London. She was the daughter of William Henry Edwards and Ellen Mah Myaing.

Helen Mary Edwards had 2 marriages/partners. Her 1st husband was George Stanford O'Hara. They were married DEC 1923 in Christ Church, Insein, Burma. Their 7 known children were Denzil Trevor Stanford O'Hara, Reginald Green O'Hara, Oscar O'Hara, Clement O'Hara, Colleen Georgia Philomena O'Hara, Basil Austin Samuel O'Hara and Pamela O'Hara.

Her 2nd husband was William Maddison. They were married MAR 1940 in Garrison Church, Maymyo, Burma. They had no known children.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Helen Mary Edwards


William Henry Edwards


Ellen Mah Myaing



Arrived in Liverpool on 4 January 1944 from Burma on the Orion (BT26/1204/125)