Individual Record for: Randolf O'Hara

Personal and Family Information

Randolf O'Hara was born ABT 1938 in Rangoon, Burma. He was the son of Edward Clarence O'Hara and Marie Ah-Pu.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Randolf O'Hara


Edward Clarence O'Hara


Stanley Gerald O'Hara


Richard Lawrence Huntley O'Hara


Jane Mary Anne Bazley


Ma Thain Min


Marie Ah-Pu



In 2003 he published One Man Remembers: Reminiscences on Cultural Provision in Hong Kong. In 2006 Orchid Press published his reminisences Homecoming.

A member of RASHKB. He was awarded the M.B.E. in 1997 for services to culture in Hong Kong.

He was also the driving force behind such cultural institutions as the Hong Kong Arts Festival and Festival of Asian Arts. In 2007 he was Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Hong Kong Ballet.