Individual Record for: Harold Arthur Napleton Beaver

Personal and Family Information

Harold Arthur Napleton Beaver was born JUL 1902 in Saigaing, Burma. He died JAN 1979 in Perth, Australia. He was the son of Samuel Albert Johnson Beaver and Violet-Matilda-Eliza.

Harold Arthur Napleton Beaver's wife was Constance Mawson O'Hara. They were married DEC 1932 in Bhano, Burma. Their 2 known children were Eileen Constance Beaver and Diana Joan Beaver.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Harold Arthur Napleton Beaver


Samuel Albert Johnson Beaver


Samuel Beaver


John Napleton Beaver


A Hindu Woman


Jane Johnson





Immigration10 APR 1949Bombay, India90 Park Road, Chandlersford, HampshireAboard the Asturias

Other Life Events

Occupation1932Sagaing, BurmaStevedore


Arrived on 10 Apr 1949 at Southampton on the Asturias

(see BT26/1252/14) from Bombay 90 Park Road, Chandlersford, Hampshire. The soon left England for Australia.