Individual Record for: Frederick Bertram Lopez

Personal and Family Information

Frederick Bertram Lopez was born MAR 1897 in Yemethin, Burma. He died NOV 1965 in Toungoo, Burma. He was the son of Frank Browne Lopez and Agnes Barbara Morton.

Frederick Bertram Lopez had 3 marriages/partners. His 1st wife was Mabel Mary Martin. They were married OCT 1918 in Yamethin, Burma. They had no known children.

His 2nd wife was Pamela Helen Mary O'Hara. They were married 1930 in St Marys Church, Rangoon, Burma. Their 7 known children were Cyril Lopez, Frank Bruno Lopez, Marjorie Philomena Lopez, Pamela Augustine Lopez, Shirley Lopez, Kenneth Lopez and Rosemary Lopez.

His 3rd wife was Myrtle D'Cruze. They were married 1943 in Toungo, Burma. They had no known children.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Frederick Bertram Lopez


Frank Browne Lopez


John Hutchinson Lopez


Agnes Barbara Morton


Gavin Morton





Christened: 30 Jul 1923