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Personal and Family Information

Arthur Browning Deas was born OCT 1911 in Madras, India. He died AFT 1958. He was the son of William John 'Fletcher' Deas and Daw Kyl Han.

Arthur Browning Deas's wife was Mary Jane O'Hara. They were married FEB 1938 in St Mary's Catholic Church, Rangoon, Burma. Their 2 known children were Patricia Deas and George Deas.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Arthur Browning Deas


William John 'Fletcher' Deas


Daw Kyl Han



Residence23 APR 1942Rangoon, Burma32/34-49th Street, Rangoon
Residence1943Amristsar, IndiaEvacuee Camp, Amritsar


Recorded in list of evacuees from Burma (1942)

Mr and Mrs W. F., William Fletcher and Daw Ohn Tin)

Miss C.,

Mrs M. and baby, (Mary Jane O'Hara and Patricia)

the Misses A. and N. and

Mr A.* (Arthur, airlifted to Dinjan)

living at 91/52nd Street, Rangoon, destined for Evacuee Camp, Amritsar

In Search Of: Information on William Fletcher Deas, died July 19, 1948 in Rangoon, Burma.

He married (1) Daw Kyl Han in Rangoon & later (2) Daw Ohn Tin in Rangoon. At an early age his (William's) mother died and he was put into an orphnage in Calcutta, India. His father came from

Malta as a sailor. William also became a sailor and settled in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma, (Mynamar). Children of William Deas & Daw Han are:- Mary (m. Harry Munro), George (d Assam), Arthur (m Mary O'Hara), Hugh (m Terry Thompson) and Gerland (m Nareen Sparks). Children of

William & Daw Tin are Clara (m Harold Pereira) and Alice (m Eric Halhead). Any information relating to dates etc; would be greatly appreciated.

Arrived in England on board the Prome a ship of the Henderson (Messrs P Henderson and Company Ltd) line arrived at Swansea on 4 July 1958 destination address was D.T. O'Hara 111 Albert Road London SE 25 (see BT26/1408/113)