Individual Record for: Ada Florence O'Hara

Personal and Family Information

Ada Florence O'Hara was born DEC 1881 in Bangalore, India. She died 1957 in Surrey, England. She was the daughter of George O'Hara and Anne Eveline Dawes.

Ada Florence O'Hara's husband was Charles Verbeck. They were married JUL 1900 in St Marks, Bangalore, India. Their 5 known children were Edward Charles Verbeck, Alice Beatrice Verbeck, May Alice Verbeck, Ena Isis Verbeck and Olive Iris Verbeck.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Ada Florence O'Hara


George O'Hara


Lawrence O'Hara




Anne Eveline Dawes


Samuel Richard Dawes


Frederick James Dawes


Marion Mason


Grace Elizabeth King



Baptism28 DEC 1881Bangalore, India
Immigration18 MAY 1939Colombo, Ceylon45 Rockwood Crescent, no town is given, but it was probably either Nottigham or LeedsAboard the Orama


Baptised on the same day, in the same church as her nephew Frederick Leopold Dawes

Witnesses at her marriage were: her brother George Ernest, mother Anne Eveline O'Hara, and sister Evelyn Doris O'Hara.