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Personal and Family Information

William Eugene Edward Conwell was born SEP 1785 in Ireland. He died MAR 1822 in Ratcliffe HIghway, St George's in the East, London.

William Eugene Edward Conwell's wife is not known. Their known child was David Edward E Conwell.


There is also an A Conwell surgeon at Bombay who is NOT the same person.


WILLIAM EUGENE EDWARD CONWELL, M.D., son of JOHN CONWELL, Esq., of Ballymilligan, co. Londonderry.

ARMS:..Vert (green), an eagle rising Or (gold), between four annulets Argent (silver).

CREST:..Out of a ducal coronet Or (gold), a staff also Or (gold), with two serpents entwined thereon Proper (natural color).


Conwell, Asst Surgeon. W.E.E., M.D.: was Acting Superintending Surgeon., S.S., from Feb. to Sept. 1828. in Singapore/Penang

Source: One Hundred Years of Singapore (eds) W Makepeace, G E Brooke, R St J Bradell, published by CM Turnbull, London, John Murray Albernaurle Street W. (1921)

From Roll of the Indian Medical Service 1615-1930 DG Crawford, 1930

MRCS 1806

Publications include:

Medical Regulations for presidency of Prince of Wales Island (1828)

Observations on Pulmonary Disease in India (1829)

Treatise on the Liver (1835)

see also:

IOR/F/4/949/26649  - date: Feb 1824-Apr 1826

The Madras Government bring to the notice of the Court of Directors a paper by Surgeon William Eugene Edward Conwell defending the treatment of cholera by the British authorities in India.

Also he is one of the members recorded in

1833 Officers & Members of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons, on the Coast of Coromandel under the Constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England.

August 1831, Surgeon W EE Conwell to be garrison surgeon it Masulipatam v Towell prom The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British India and Its Dependencies 1832