Individual Record for: Robert Monk

Personal and Family Information

Robert Monk was born 1780 in St Giles, Oxford, England. He died JAN 1853 in Madras, India.

Robert Monk's wife was Mary. They were married, but date and place are unknown. Their 9 known children were William Monk, Thomas Monk, Priscilla Monk, Charlotte Monk, William Monk, Cecelia Monk, Joseph Monk, Robert Monk and John Monk.


He was pensioned off from the 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot on 21 May 1828 see WO/120 Vol35 p.102

The following is from information found by Celeste Goulding

In November 1805, he states that he is 25, making him born in 1780, at St Giles, Oxford in the parish of St Giles but i have not been able to locate birth information for him, or any other Monk people from St Giles. 

He enlisted in the 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regt of Foot on 29th November 1805 at Dublin.

He was discharged from the same regt at Fort St George on 2nd Aug 1827, aged 47.

He was pensioned on 21-5-1828. 

He was stationed in India from 14 Oct 1806 - 30 July 1827

Rank at time of discharge: Private

Occupation: Breeches Maker

He signs his name as "Rob Monk"


Also, i had a look at this site which lists the owners of the all the main buildings in St Giles.

St Giles is a very small place but I did not see any Monk owners.


The year that he retires, 1827, seems to be about the time that breeches suddenly go right out of fashion.


The 30th Regt of Foot were in India from 1807-1829.

Movements whilst Robert Monk was in India are as follows :-


1807-1809 Madras

1809 Poonamallee

1810-1811 Trichinopoly

1812 Cannanore

1815 Vellore

1816-1817 Fort St George

1818 Masulipatam

1818 Secunderabad (Hyderabad)

1819 Asseerghur* (Asirgarh)

1819 Boorampoor*

1819 Khandish*(a state)

1819-20 Jaulna*(Jalna)

1825 Bhutpore

1819-1826 Secunderabad** (Hyderabad)

1825 Fort St George, Madras

1827 Fort St George, Madras


*Anglo Marathi War. Soldiers would have gone to these locations.

**If Robert Monk was a Breeches Maker at that time then he may have remained at the cantonement in Secunderabad. The birth of some of his children places his wife in Hyderabad during these years. Hyderabad=Secunderabad.