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William John 'Fletcher' Deas was born JUN 1882 in Pundua, India. He died JUL 1948 in Rangoon, Burma.

William John 'Fletcher' Deas had 2 marriages/partners. His 1st wife was Daw Kyl Han. They were married AUG 1910 in Burma Registry Office, Rangoon, Burma. Their known child was Arthur Browning Deas.

His 2nd wife is not known. They were married, but date and place are unknown. They had no known children.


Baptism28 SEP 1882Bandel Church of Our Lady, Hooghly, India
Residence23 APR 1942Rangoon, Burma91/52nd Street, Rangoon
Residence1943Amristsar, IndiaEvacuee Camp, Amritsar


Recorded in list of evacuees from Burma (1942)

Mr and Mrs W. F., William Fletcher and Daw Ohn Tin)

Miss C.,

Mrs M. and baby, (Mary Jane O'Hara and Patricia)

the Misses A. and N. and

Mr A.* (Arthur, airlifted to Dinjan)

living at 91/52nd Street, Rangoon, destined for Evacuee Camp, Amritsar


Surname: Deas First Name(s): Walter - (Pl verify email address)

Country: Australia Telephone No: (H/W) 07 55 388 231

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In Search Of: Information on William Fletcher Deas, died July 19, 1948 in Rangoon, Burma.

He married (1) Daw Kyl Han in Rangoon & later (2) Daw Ohn Tin in Rangoon. At an early age his

(William's) mother died and he was put into an orphnage in Calcutta, India. His father came from

Malta as a sailor. William also became a sailor and settled in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma,

(Mynamar). Children of William Deas & Daw Han are:- Mary (m. Harry Munro), George (d Assam),

Arthur (m Mary O'Hara), Hugh (m Terry Thompson) and Gerland (m Nareen Sparks). Children of

William & Daw Tin are Clara (m Harold Pereira) and Alice (m Eric Halhead). Any information

relating to dates etc; would be greatly appreciated.


Seeking information in regards to a William John Deas, born August 29,

1882. Baptised September 28, 1882 at Bandel Church of Our Lady, Hooghly, India,

Bengal. His parents were William Fredrick & Precela Deas. The abode was

Pundua. Father's profession was East India Railway Service. Information

relating to the parents also welcome. Father may have come from the town

of Malda which I understand is near Pandua. I have been told that

Hooghly and Bandel were on the E.I. Rail line between Calcutta and

Pandua and that the Church of Our Lady of Bandel, is one of eastern

India's oldest churches and was consecrated by Portuguese Augustinian

friars in 1599. This had led some people to think that Williams' father

might have been Portuguese and the surname Dias became Deas. However

Deas is a surname from Fife in Scotland and their is family tradition

that he was a sailor at first.

William John was baptised in the Catholic church in India and, later as

an adult, he converted to the Anglican Church and was baptised William

Fletcher Deas. He eventually, moved to Rangoon Burma and was married

twice - (1) Daw Kyi Han and (2) Daw Ohn Tin. There were 5 children from

the first marriage and two from the second. One son George Deas was in

the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) during WW2 and was killed in

India and buried in Assam. No know dates.

The above Deas are not related to me (as yet) I am researching on behalf

of Mrs. Alice Halhed (nee Deas) one of William's daughters from his

marriage to Daw Ohn Tin.