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Personal and Family Information

John Thornton Lowis was born JAN 1793 in Calcutta, India. He died JUN 1858 in Newport, Barnstaple, England. He was the son of John Lowis and Mary Woodson.

John Thornton Lowis's wife was Mary Vincent. They were married OCT 1818 in Calcutta, India. Their known child was George James Lowis.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


John Thornton Lowis


John Lowis


Mary Woodson



Baptism14 OCT 1793Calcutta, India
Census1851Barnstaple, Devon, England


List of the Officers of the Bengal Army 1754-1834 (VCP Hodson Volume 3) states that:

Cadet: 1807

Ensign: 29 Sept 1808

Lieutenant: 210 november 1814

Captain: 13 May 1825

Major: 6 November 1832

Retired: 26 June 1833

He led the advance party at the assault of Mandala on 26 april 1818 in ascending the breach fell near a stump of a tree injuring himself severely. He continued to lead his party (London Gazette 7 December 1818). In June 1820 he met with a bad riding accident at Dinapore. Paralysis eventually supreceended and lost use of both legs. Retired on full pay as a Major on £60 per annum.

Had four other children

Mary Pauline Lewis b 1823 Cawporr, India

Vincent W Lewis b 1844, Wales

John S Lewis b 1848 Bishops Tawton, Devon, England

Charles W Lewis b 1850 Bishops Tawton, Devon, England

also Elizabeth Vincent Lowis b 1825, (see IGI) but probably died in childhood