Individual Record for: Anna Priscilla Binns

Personal and Family Information

Anna Priscilla Binns was born 1791 in Calcutta, India. She died NOV 1866 in Kensington, London, England.

Anna Priscilla Binns's husband was Charles Ramsay Skardon. They were married AUG 1811 in Calcutta, India. Their known child was Charles John Skardon.


Entry from Arrivals from Madras Almanac 1821 - 1824

Month & Day   Sep 28    

Year   1824    

Name of Ship   Exmouth    

Captain  S. Owen    

Title or Rank  Mrs.    

First Name  A.P.    

Surname  Skardon    

Origin  London    

Origin date  May 21    

Port 1  Madeira    

Port 1 date  Jun 16    

Source  Madras Almanac    

Edition  1825