Individual Record for: Amelia Sophia Elizabeth Ashworth

Personal and Family Information

Amelia Sophia Elizabeth Ashworth was born 1859 in Vepery, Madras, India. She died JAN 1921 in Bangalore, India. She was the daughter of Richard Charles Lawrence Ashworth and Charlotte Smith.

Amelia Sophia Elizabeth Ashworth's husband was Edward Ernest Keyes-Bartels. They were married DEC 1880 in All Saints Church, Bangalore, India. Their known child was Marjorie Evelina Ashworth Keyes-Bartels.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Amelia Sophia Elizabeth Ashworth


Richard Charles Lawrence Ashworth


Charlotte Smith


George Atwell Smith


Elizabeth Rithin



Burial1921All Saints Cemetery, Oossor Rd, Bangalore, India