Individual Record for: Doreen O'Hara

Personal and Family Information

Doreen O'Hara was born 1943 in Bombay, India. She was the daughter of Alan Clarence O'Hara and Violet Ada Ianthe George.

Ancestors Chart (3 generations)


Doreen O'Hara


Alan Clarence O'Hara


Clarence Havelock O'Hara


Richard Lawrence Huntley O'Hara


Jane Mary Anne Bazley


Millicent Mary Mawson


William Proctor Mawson


Mary Simpson Carey


Violet Ada Ianthe George


Douglas Lewis William George


Eileen Maud Forkgen



Immigration16 DEC 1946Bombay, India13 Ashleigh Crescent, NewcastleAboard the Britannic