Individual Record for: Flora Agnes Hunt

Personal and Family Information

Flora Agnes Hunt was born MAR 1892 in Lucknow, India. She died 1956 in Maldon, Essex, England.

Flora Agnes Hunt's husband was Clifford Ellis Bicknell. They were married JUN 1913 in Vepery, Madras, India. They had no known children.


Father Richard Hunt

Arrived in London on 4 May 1925 on the Matiana from one of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, or Penang. Destination address: 9 Portman Avenue, East Sheen, London (see BT26/795/42)

Arrived in London on 12 October 1948 on the Stratheden probably from Bombay. Destination address: c/o Sunnycroft, Lower Weedon, Northants. (see BT26/1237/311)