The O'Hara and Stuart Family in India

Jon's mother was born in Rangoon, Burma and up until a few years ago we knew very little outside her immediate generation, other than the fact that her paternal grandfather, John William Lawrence O'Hara, was killed by a lion in near Tsavo, Uganda in the 1890's, whilst involved in the construction of the Ugandan Railway and I had the book to prove it!.

Nine years on, things are rather different. We have established the first related O'Hara in India was Lawrence, born around 1770, most likely ending up in Limerick. He is proving to be a rather elusive character, for the current state of affairs on tracking down Lawrence see the commentary on him.

He had at least two surviving sons and two daughters. All most likely to by an unknown Indian woman

The first son was John Lawrence O'Hara born 1808 (died in 1849) and from then on there are a succession of John William Lawrence O'Hara's. They stayed in India, mostly in Madras but with some living in Burma at the beginning of the twentieth century and migrated mainly to to England but also to Australia

His second daughter Amelia O'Hara born in 1818 married Jeremiah Martin, he died whilst they were living in Penang, (now part of Malaysia). Her grand-daughter (by her son Henry Willia Martin), Stella Sophia Martin married George Richard Harper O'Hara her nephew. She re-married to William Green and her descendents lived in Singapore eventually ending up in Australia. She died in Madras aged 40.

His daughter Elizabeth O'Hara born in 1815 married David Edward E Conwell. Her youngest surviving daughter Ann Amelia Conwell married Edward James Heiden. His sister Christiana Martha Heiden married Elizabeth's nephew, John Lawrence O'Hara. The Heiden family emigrated to America and as yet I have no further information on them. Her next daughter Lucy Elizabeth Conwell married Joseph Archer Aldred and they had 15 children the first 10 in India and then emigrated to Tasmania, Australia. She died in 1884, in Cocanada, India.

His other son George O'Hara born 1820 (died in 1898) was born in Mauritius to Lawrence and a 'native woman' Gungha. Married twice with at least 15 known children, is the main reason there are 180+ O'Hara's descended from Lawrence. Some are still in Burma, although most are either in the UK or Australia.

The families of the two sons John William and George almost certainly knew each other up until the turn of the 20th century and for reasons unknown seemed to have lost touch with each other. Re-uniting the two sides of the family 100 years later, has been an unexpected pleasure as has been joining Denzil and Clement O'Hara in trying to track down Lawrence's father.

During the course of the research I have had to sift the wheat from the chaff and this has turned up over 200 other O'Hara's all apparently unrelated which may help others in their research

Finally, I would like to thank, the many other descendents of Lawrence for all the help they have given me, filling in gaps, correcting my errors and continuing to puruse the elusive Lawrence O'Hara.