O'Hara Family Tree



Person Edward Hamilton O'Hara
Description Working in the Burma Secretariat
Date 1915
Place Rangoon
Country Burma


Description Page Quality Information Evidence
Burma Gazette Weekly Budget Don't know Don't know Don't know


Rangoon Municipality
A meeting of the Finance Sub-Committee ... the following were present:- W.H.L. Cabell (President) the Hon’ble J.E. DuBern (Vice President, Messrs. F.F. Goodliffe, A. Forbes, M. Joakim, B.N. Sivaya, the Hon’ble Lim Chin Tsong, Messrs. S.S. Agabob, U Ba Thein, Moola Dawood and C.C. Cameron (Secretary.) ... ... Office Superintendent, Applications for the post of Superintendent of the Secretary’s Office were next considered. ... ... it was decided to offer the appointment to G. St. Q. Cameron of Messrs. Thomas Cook & Son, Calcutta, if he would give some sort of guarantee that he would hold the post for a number of years. In the event of him not accepting ... ... offered to E.H. O’Hara, office of the Chief Secretary of Burma and failing him to V.B. Reynaud, head clerk, Customs Office.