Updates to the Website - March 2021

The site has been down for a little while, my old provider went down hill and it has taken me a while to get things transferred and back up on another provider. Also, I have moved to a different genealogy software, and its taken a while to sort things out.

Family History - O'Hara's and descendents in India

The family tree is now produced from MacFamilyTree, I can't make it look like the rest of the site, but it is more functional

- Place names now consistent
- Sources now consistently named
- Sources have images where they exist
- A LOT of work has gone into getting dates complete
- There have been too many updates to list indiviudally, but there are some that are worth flagging

Notable updates

My grandfather had a half-brother, Joseph William Lawrence more information on his movements and that his wife and child moved to the UK.

Ongoing Background Projects

a. Madras History - Chaplains and Missionaries in Madras Presidency
b. Census 1841-1871 - A list of all people in he UK Census's born in India or Burma