British Army (1796-1821)

The most important thing that emerges from his time in the British Army was that he was very determined to stay in India

When the 52nd left India he moved to the 36th (for two weeks) and then to the 33rd and when that left he moved to the 56th. What his motivation was is not clear, possibly it is because he was born in India or that he had a wife and children in India or a combination of both.

In summary his military career consists of a steady rise to the rank of Major (Brevet) over a period of 25 years and although some of it was spent in Maritius, the majority was in India and the impression one gets is that he was more an administration man than a fighting man.

What we know of his military career is this:

  • 1796 – Ensign, 52nd Regiment of Foot. 1 August 1796 in Tanjore
  • 1797 – Lieutenant, 52nd Regiment of Foot. 1 January 1797
  • 1797 – Lieutenant, 36th Regiment, seconded on 1 November 1797 (2 weeks)
  • 1797 – Lieutenant, 33rd Regiment of Foot 15 November 1797 in Madras
  • 1806 – Captain, 33rd Regiment of Foot. 23 December 1806
  • 1811 – Joined 56th Regiment of Foot. 26 August 1811 
  • 1819 – Brevet Major, 56th Regiment of Foot 12th August 1819
  • 1822 – Retired 10 January 1822.

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It seems that he did not buy his Ensign (there is no record in the purchases records at the PRO and the entry in the London Gazette does not mention purchase). It also seems that he was not unique in exchanging Regiments to stay in India as others did likewise, whether this was to remain in India due to family ties or in the hope of retaining spoils is not clear.