52nd Regiment of Foot (1797)

On 1 August 1796 Lawrence joined the 52nd Regiment as an Ensign1. On 1 January 1797 he was promoted to Lieutenant in place of Lieutenant William Wardrobe.

This seems like rapid promotion, but in reality promotion in the British Army was to coin a phrase from a century later was based on Buggins Turn, “appointing people to positions based on rotation rather than on merit.” Opening up of vacancies above was dependent upon retirement or death.2 3

On 18 October 1797 the Regiment was under orders to return to England, the effective men (ie those who were non-commissioned) were drafted to other Regiments, primarily the 77th and 80th Foot Regiments and received 3 guineas if they did so 4.

On 1 November 1797 he was seconded to the 32nd Regiment 5

The 52nd were to be moved back to England and on 16 Feb 1799 Lawrence exchanged with Lieutenant William Fennel of the 33rd Regiment 6.

Other Lieutenants, Thomas Reed (of the 52nd), William Fraser (36th), Nathaniel B Tucker and John Whitlies (both of the 72nd) did likewise.

The story continues on the The 33rd Regiment pages.

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