Born: c1650

Died: >1676

Source: Chaplains in the Jurisdiction of the Presidency of Fort St George from 1647 to 1805 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: PATRICK WARNER is referred to in an official letter from the Governor of Fort St. George to the Directors as a Scotch Minister; but whether this refers to his nationality or his Presbyterian ordination is uncertain. His name is not to be found in the published lists of any British or Irish University. He was appointed Chaplain of the ship President at about the same period as Samuel Tutchin was appointed to the Return. The ship was taken by the Dutch; and the whole ship's company were made prisoners. Being released, he arrived at Fort St. George in the year 1673. Sir William Langhorne, the Governor, had the intention of sending him to the Bay; but in consequence of Samuel Tutchin's illness he detained him at Fort St. George. On Tutchin's death in 1674, the Council appointed him Chaplain of the settlement; and he occupied this position till he returned home in 1676.