Born: c1805

Died: >1847

Source: SPG Missionaries 1826 to 1835 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: ADAM COMPTON THOMPSON (In the records his name is sometimes spelled Thomson) was accepted by the S.P.G. in 1830. He was then master of a grammar school at Wooler in the county of Northumberland; he submitted testimonials from the authorities of the University of Edinburgh, but he did not graduate there; he was ordained priest at Tanjore in January 1835. On arrival he was stationed at Tanjore 1830; Negapatam 1833; Headmaster of the Vepery Seminary for Catechists 1836. He was relieved of this charge by the Madras Diocesan Committee in 1837 without the sanction of the Bishop, and the S.P.G. drew their attention to this infringement of rule. In 1839 he was made secretary of the M.D.C., but owing to the illness of his wife he returned to England in that year. The M.D.C. wrote (Secretary, the Rev. G. Knox, Chaplain) in 1840 to the Society that they did not wish him to return and resume office. They recommended him for a colonial chaplaincy in Australia, and he did good work at Melbourne from 1840 to 1847.