Born: 1774

Died: 1822

Source: Chaplains in the HEIC 1805 to 1835 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: MORGAN DAVIS was born in 1774, according to the inscription on his monument. He was appointed in 1810, and on his arrival in Madras was placed at St. Mark's, Black Town, to carry on the work commenced by the Rev. R. H. Kerr and his cousin the Rev. John Kerr. Like them he had charge of the Male Asylum and the Press in connection with it. In 1808 a committee of domiciled Europeans and Indo-Britons (as the Eurasians were then called) established, with the assistance and advice of Marmaduke Thompson, one of the Fort Chaplains, the Civil Male Orphan Asylum, and placed it close to St. Mark's Church, in order that the St. Mark's Chaplain might be able to supervise the management, discipline, and religious teaching. When Davis arrived he found that a similar committee was establishing a Civil Female Orphan Asylum, and were about to place it near the Male Asylum. He threw himself into the scheme and assisted to bring it to a successful issue, and for nearly twelve years he watched over the institu tions and helped to place them on a sound financial footing. This was his principal work at Black Town. In 1817 the spiritual charge of the Hospital and the Jail was added to his duties. In 1822 he had to take sick leave to the Cape of Good Hope, and died there on November 28, aged 48. There is a tablet to his memory at St. Mark's, which was erected by his parishioners.