Born: 1785

Died: 1870

Source: Chaplains in the HEIC 1805 to 1835 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: CHARLES KNELLER GRAEME was born in India 1785, being the son of Charles Graeme of the Bengal Civil Service. He matriculated at Brasenose College, Oxford, 1802; graduated B.A. 1807, M.A. 1810. He was appointed a Chaplain in 1826 at the unusual age of forty-one, and it is worthy of remark that he served his allotted time for his pension in spite of his age. His stations were Bangalore (seven years), Quilon (three years), Vizaga- patam (one year), and Palamcottah (six years). He retired from the service in 1846. He died in 1870.