Born: 1797

Died: 1832

Source: Chaplains in the HEIC 1805 to 1835 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: WILLIAM SAWYER began his Indian career as a missionary. He was born in 1797 in Yorkshire. Two of his brothers were mentioned in his will; one was George Sawyer of Hedon, co. York, and the other was Robert Henry Sawyer of Staple Inn, London. In the year 1818, when living at Holme near Eougham, he offered his services to the C.M.S. for missionary work abroad. He was stationed at Perambore, about five miles west of Madras, and had charge of a mission district which included the cantonments of Poonamallee and Tripassore. He also ministered to the British soldiers and their families at Poonamallee and Tripassore during the absence of the Chaplain.He went home in the spring of 1829, and after an interview with the Directors and the Bishop of London he was appointed to a Chaplaincy. He arrived at Madras in July 1830. In the following November Bishop Turner visited the southern Presidency, and appointed Sawyer as his domestic Chaplain during his visitation of the mission stations. This was due to Sawyer's knowledge of Tamil. The Bishop arrived at Ootacamund in December 1830, and recommended the Government to appoint Sawyer Chaplain of that station. Ho became the first Chaplain of Ootacamund. He was the second missionary taken into the service of the Company. He died at Ootacamund in January 1832.