Born: 1811

Died: 1886

Source: Chaplains in the HEIC 1805 to 1835 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: HENRY COTTERILL was born in 1811, being the son of the Rev. Joseph Cotterill, Rector of Blakeney, Norfolk. He matricu lated at St. John's College, Cambridge, 1829. His name was taken off the books shortly afterwards, but he was re-admitted in February 1831. In the following year he obtained the Bell scholarship. In 1835 he graduated B.A., being senior wrangler, first Smith prizeman, and ninth classic, and was elected to a Fellowship. He graduated M.A. 1836, and was appointed a Chaplain the same year. From the time of his arrival at Madras till 1845, that is for nine years, he was Chaplain of Vepery. He then returned to England and retired from the Company's Service. In 1846 he was appointed Vice-Principal of Brighton College; in 1851 Principal. He was consecrated Bishop of Grahamstown in 1856, and translated to Edinburgh in 1872. His life out of India has been recorded in the Dictionary of National Biography. It is sufficient to mention here that his ministrations at Vepery were very acceptable to the parish. The services of the Church were frequent and crowded. The building was intended for native Christians as well as Euro peans. Cotterill's popularity had the effect of ousting the former from their fair share in the use of the Church. The missionary of course complained, and the final result was that a separate building for the native Christians was erected.