Born: 1812

Died: 1897

Source: Chaplains in the HEICS 1836-58 (Rev Frank Perry, The Church In Madras 1904)

Biography: MEADE NISBETT STONE was born at Dunleckny, county Carlow, in 1812, being the son of the Rev. M. N. Stone, M.D. He graduated B.A. at Trinity College, Dublin, in 1833, and M.A. in 1836. He was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Down and Connor in 1838, and priest the same year by the Archbishop of Dublin. His first curacy was at Miltown, Dublin, which he held from 1838 to 1843, when he received his appointment as Chaplain. He served at Trichinopoly, 1844-47; Quilon, 1847-52; Masulipatam, 1854-60; Coonoor, 1860-62. On his retirement he was unable to undertake other than light duty in small parishes; he became Curate-in-charge of Church- down, 1862-64, Curate-in-charge of Acaster Malbus, 1864-67, and Perpetual Curate of Coffinswell, 1867-77. He died at Brighton in 1897. He was a man of great versatility and would have liked to accomplish more than he actually did. He took his degree in Arts; he also went through the medical course and qualified for the degree of M.B.; and he won a Hebrew prize in 1828. He was proficient both in Tamil and Telugu, and was thereby able to be of use in the mission cause both at Quilon and Masulipatam. One of his sons became at the end of the century Archdeacon of Calcutta.